Selecting The Right Barbecue Cooking Grill For Your Needs

A barbecue cooking grill is a major part of many enjoyable outdoor activities including backyard cookouts, family gatherings, camping trips, and tailgate parties. If you are interested in purchasing a barbecue grill for your backyard or to use while traveling that you will want to use frequently, it is important that you choose carefully among the huge variety available today in order to ensure that all of your grilling needs are met. The following information will give you an overview of the different types of BBQ grills which will help you in deciding which barbecue cooking grill will be the most suitable for you.

Gas versus Charcoal

The most commonly sold BBQ grills purchased for backyard usage or travel use either charcoal or propane gas as their heat source. The main differences between the two types are the taste of the food, preparation time prior to cooking, and purchase price. Many individuals say they prefer the "smoky" flavor that is given to the food when it is cooked over charcoal that is not present when cooked on a barbeque grill that uses gas, however, there has been much debate over whether or not there is really a difference and most say that with certain foods such as hot dogs, hamburgers, or chicken there is not, but that it does change the flavor of steaks.

The preparation time prior to cooking on a barbecue cooking grill using charcoal is significantly longer than the time it takes to cook with gas. The main reason for this is that most gas grills can be lighted with the push of a button and can be heated to the desired temperature immediately with the turning of a knob while a barbecue grill that utilizes charcoal needs to be manually lit and it typically takes over thirty minutes before reaching a temperature hot enough to begin cooking the food. There is also less control over the cooking temperature with a charcoal grill as a gas grill gives you the ability to adjust the flame. When it comes to affordability, charcoal grills - especially smaller size ones - can be purchased at significantly lower prices than gas grills.

Size and Portability of Barbecue Cooking Grills

Selecting the size of your barbecue cooking grill will depend upon the amount of food you will want to cook all at one time and whether or not you will be transporting your grill to different locations, therefore, your decision should be based whether you will be cooking for just a couple of people or large groups and the amount of room you will have available if you intend on transporting your grill. Larger BBQ grills are great for everyday home cooking in your backyard or on the patio and come with many convenient features such as side burners and very large cooking surfaces allowing you to cook an entire meal, however, they are quite large and heavy which typically makes them difficult to transport.

A portable barbecue grill is designed to be easily transported and utilized anywhere which is the best option for many outdoor activities such as camping, tailgate parties, or spending a day at the beach. Many individuals prefer a portable grill as it gives them the option to cook outdoors at home or when they are traveling. Both charcoal and gas grills are available in sizes ranging from very small to very large and with many different capabilities; therefore, you will have no problem selecting the barbecue cooking grill that is perfect for your needs.


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